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"- Is Camtasia free?
- What is Camtasia used for?
- Is CamStudio free?
- What is a free alternative to Camtasia?"

Actually, Camtasia Studio and CamStudio programs are quite different. Well, you can regard CamStudio as a free and open source alternative to Camtasia Studio. Camtasia Studio offers much more screen recording features. Consequently, you need to purchase hundreds of dollars to access all features.

As for people who want to record a screen video with basic features, Camtasia Studio may not be a good choice. Some people tend to use Camtasia free or cheap alternatives instead. Therefore, this article analyzes the ultimate Camtasia Studio alternative. You can read and check if it is worth trying.

Camtasia Studio

1. Camtasia Studio 8 Review

Camtasia Studio 8 is the latest version released by TechSmith. You can create video tutorials and presentations on your Windows or Mac computer directly. If you update to the newest Camtasia 2018 version, you can get some brand new assets, theming and performance improvements. In general, you can record screen videos, make edits and add effects with Camtasia Studio mainly.


  1. Ofrecen mucha grabación de pantalla y filtros de edición.
  2. Record all audios on your computer including system, microphone and even VoIP calls.
  3. Export your recording video file as MP4, WMV, MOV, AVI or M4V format.
  4. Share the finished screen recording video to YouTube. Vimeo and Screencast by one click.


  1. Carece de características de inserción y creación de cursos.
  2. Usted todavía tiene que pagar por la actualización adicional.
  3. La interfaz de usuario no es lo suficientemente intuitiva.
  4. There are many difficulties while recording and editing contents.
  5. Es difícil hacer coincidir los cuadros de video sin problemas.
  6. You cannot integrate other packages with the recorded video or audio file.

In conclusion, TechSmith Camtasia Studio 8 collects too many filters in the same interface. Thus, you may get lost if you are new here. Seriously, Camtasia Studio is not a novice-friendly screen recorder.

2. Best Alternative to Camtasia Studio for Beginners and Professionals

If you want to get Camtasia alternatives in 2018, you just come to the right place. Though there are much free alternatives to Camtasia Studio, you have to obey these or those limitations.

Thus, why not spend one tenth of the price to get an excellent Camtasia Studio alternative? By using FoneLab Screen Recorder, you can get most similar screen recording and editing features.

Its well-designed interface guarantees that all users can record video and audio files online and offline easily. In another word, it’s OK if you have no screen capturing experience.

FoneLab Screen Recorder has simplified all features into easy-to-use parameters. Thus, it is just a piece of cake to record gameplay videos, online tutorials, streaming movies and other on-screen activities on Windows and Mac.

1. Key Features of the FoneLab Screen Recorder

  1. Capture all kinds of videos using the full screen or customized screen size without lag.
  2. Record your favorite song or voice and then choose from different output formats.
  3. Tome capturas de pantalla durante o después de la grabación de la pantalla.
  4. Agregue líneas, flechas, textos, herramientas de pasos y otros paneles de dibujo en su video o captura de pantalla.
  5. Use hotkeys to control the recorder for Mac or PC completely.
  6. Work with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP and OS X 10.6 or above operating systems.
  7. Ofrezca una interfaz segura, limpia, simple y amigable para los principiantes.

2. How do You Record a Screen Video with Audio Easily

Iniciar FoneLab Screen Recorder

Free download and install FoneLab Screen Recorder on your Windows or Mac computer. Launch the Camtasia Studio alternative software after the installation. You can activate your account with the email address and registration code if necessary.

lanzar grabadora de pantalla

Select the screen recording mode

You can get 4 main sections on the main interface including Grabadora de video, Grabadora de audio, Instantánea y Más. Consequently, you can record screen videos, capture audio files and take screenshots here. This article will take screen recording as an example. So you can click Video Recorder in the first place.

Seleccionar modo

Start recording a screen video

Use your mouse to draw the screen area you want to capture. Later, you can set the input audio source. Turn on Sistema de sonido y Micrófono options according to your need. Well, you can move the Volume slider below.

After all preparation, click REC to start recording. You can pause and resume without time limitations. In addition, you can screenshot in the whole screen recording process.

Prepararse para la grabación de audio

Export your recording file

Haga clic en el detener icon to finish screen recording. Sooner, you can get a popping-up preview window. Check and edit the video file if necessary. Later, you can follow the on-screen instruction to save or share your file in high quality.

guardar grabación de audio

3. Camtasia Studio 8 or Its Alternative, Which Screen Recorder Should You Choose

Esta es la batalla entre Camtasia Studio 8 y FoneLab Screen Recorder. Es difícil determinar cuál es siempre el mejor grabador de pantalla del mercado. Pero puedes obtener tu mejor software de captura de pantalla aquí.

Camtasia Studio 8 FoneLab Screen Recorder
Precio $249 (Install on 2 machines per user. Need extra $49.60 for Camtasia maintenance.) $ 27.30 (trabajo en 1 PC y dispositivos 6 con la licencia de por vida)
Grabación de webcam
Tamaño de pantalla personalizado
Capturar videos en línea
Grabar audios de micrófono y sistema
Ofrece una interfaz intuitiva y fácil de usar.
Editar el archivo de video en la línea de tiempo X
Efectos especiales de edición.
Amplio soporte de formatos de salida de video / audio / captura de pantalla
Consigue el soporte técnico.

Now you may make the decision whether to choose the Camtasia Studio alternative or not. If you really need an easy-to-use and powerful screen recorder, then definitely FoneLab Screen Recorder Debería ser tu primera opción.

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